Friday, January 28, 2011

so what can i tell you.......

i'm 36 years old and i think i fucked up. i think i made some mistakes and it mayyyyyyyy have caught up with me. Since January 1st of this year 2011, the shit has been LIVING in my personal fan. This of course sounds like the musings of a crazy person. But no, my dear friend reader, this has been 4 weeks of the FARCE.

I've decided that the only way to keep myself from losing my grasp, was to write a public journal styled blog (rambling lunatics journal).


the past 3 weeks have consisted of the following

-came off medication, fell in emotional black hole
-became sick with worst cold of my life
-possible broken wrist/tendonitis

Which of course brings us to the current "situation" wrist. Originally diagnosed (by me wearing pygamas) as carpal tunnel syndrom, my lack of mobility has kept me from being able to work.

I of course had no idea how to treat my new mysterious affliction, so I booked an interview with my Dr. While taking the skytrain downtown to my appointment, I had noticed people kind of looking at me strangely, but I just brushed it off. After meeting with the Dr. I was informed that my wrist may in fact be broken. I was instructed to get x-rays at St. Paul's hospital, and I decided to walk as it was pretty sunny out and this is after-all, Vancouver.
After about 15 blocks or so of people eyeballing me, I eventually got to the hospital. The waiting room for the radiology department wasn't that crowded so I sat at the first intake window where a friendly looking, red-faced woman was stationed. She told me she'd be right with me. After about 7 minutes, she finally asked to see my form that I was sitting there holding, with my jacket on, like a kid waiting to see the school principal.
She informed me that I had JUST missed the deadline for "those types" of x-rays and that I would have to leave the hospital and walk back down Burrard st. to another x-ray lab.
Two blocks down on the left I found the lab and got my X-rays done.
Getting back on the skytrain after another 15 blocks of people looking at me strangely, I boarded the WRONG train in efforts of going home. After 3 stops of confusion (the train only goes in 2 directions), I managed to board the CORRECT train.
As I walked through the park on the way home, I started thinking about all these people eyeballing me downtown.
A yamaha beluga scooter rode past me as I crossed the street. I strained my neck as it buzzed away, and I felt a slight breeze in my pants.
My fly had been WIDE open the whole day.

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  1. Possible slight name change: The Farce Side.

    I am still clearing the tears from the climactic (pun INTENDED) ending. Awesome. Back on track, I'm glad you managed to see a Dr finally for a second opinion as I doubt Dr Fruit Of The Looms has any reputable training.

    Hang in there Son, only 11 months to go till 2012. Gimme a holler if you need anything.